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Being in command of a spaceship is to be in charge of its crew. What happens if this crew is mostly comprised of gorgeous but troublesome women? You`ll need to plan your moves carefully and be prepared. The choices you make with your words, actions and words can either bring you happiness or cause you to fall. This interactive experience is a great way to learn these skills.


You must move the tiles around the box to place them in order by. It is possible to move a bone into an open slot by clicking it. You can watch an hentai-like sleazy female or a sexy woman by moving the entire bones. Relies on chance. It`s time to start the game. Let`s get going.


Visual novel with a theme of fantasy that lets you play not as the hero of the film in shining armor but as the perverse looking person who is evicted from his village. But not all is lost! There is still an area where you could be very influential, and it is filled with beautiful demonesses, succubus and gorgeous ladies. To prove the insanity of the villager,you can build your own harem!

Relentless Shojo Slavery

Bondage & discipline flash game where you`re awarded the chance to kiss a youthful and gorgeous nymph. Look at the game display. The game is in Japanese, however instinctive. Click on the SKIP to bypass the begin of the game. You then will see four variations of this game arena. Click any. You find a nymph with big bumpers. Her gams are spread and you also watch her tight cunt. At the best of this game display, you find some fucky-fucky items. With their aid, you may kiss a nymph as you desire. A nymph in a few mins of such sexual depravity will be ready to practice numerous orgasms. Meet this buxom nymph right now...