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How to play billiard, if you have no cue sticks - roll balls with your hand, and win sexy show from hot lesbians!

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Monsters Jism

This match is a parody which happend couple of years following the events of first film``Monsters Inc``. So no wonder that this parody has revved out to be the anime porn manner! Inside this match (well, it`s a flash animated animation indeed since there will not be some gameplay whatsoever) you`ll fulfill Boo once more. Girl in the very first-ever picture has growned up and today she`s indeed pleasant tits and incredibly sweet booty. Probably that`s the reason why big creatures are seeing her entering rbedroom thru thecloset just as before. What`s the genuine reason of those late night visits? Only witness this cartoon and you`ll discover! Once more - this match is unspoiled parody along with most of chracters that portrayed in this game are of lawful age (when there`s any lawful age to get hairy monster in the cupboard).


``Shade`` is just another one interactive cartoon from Silestaur (quantity six in case you wonder) so that you most likely already know exactly what to hope from it. You will meet such characters as Shade and Steele and once again you will love them having hot intercourse. Some texts assumed to be a symbol of dialogs and the narrative will be tsill. Follow thru the series of of animated scenes and love touching, taunting and fucking not and this curvy exactly human chick from very first-ever person perspective! There`s also assumed to be quite a surprise if you`ll discover the code and inject it for this you`ll need to pay a great deal of focus on,well, everything which will ahppen from the game as that understand swhere it`ll be covert!

Candy Shop - Peppermint

Have you been one of these guys who believes that candies can be hot? Then welcome to the Chocolate Shop world at which you will observe that the most well-liked desserts revved to literary form and get fucked. Yepyou heard it correctly. And from how talking is Peppermint`s turn! Now`s story occurs in Christmas eve... but seems like Andy is one of the entire staff who remembers what it`s. Another region of the group is having fresh mad prject rather than parties and trainings. Well, really they`re prepping - to get a fresh collection of sexual evaluations using their fresh sweet treat - Peppermint! So combine these men and love fresh gig in the delicious experiences - if you luved former games of the manga porn game show then you certainly don`t have any excuse to miss this !

Megumi Ball Soiree

Tonight, you`ll host an exclusive party with Megumi who is a hot model from Asia. However, you`ll soon realize that her idea for a party is quite distinct. Instead of drinking and dancing, you`ll be solving logic puzzles. The rewards you earn for your efforts are more in line to the theme of the party. Each time you complete a level you`ll unlock an increasing number of Megumi pictures. There will be 30 levels and each one will become more difficult. You have to help the ball reach the exit point, which is marked by a star while taking advantage of bonuses as well as drawing lines to avoid dangersome obstacles and objects.